Rich Ranieri

“I attended the July 2010 session of the Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Academy. I joined the ADF Attorney Network to satisfy a longing to serve God by providing legal assistance on issues important to Christians and the Christian Community. Having successfully practiced law for more than 25 years, I believed there was more to it than the civil litigation work I had been doing.

 “At the ADF Legal Academy I received intensive training that has given me the confidence and conviction to become involved in areas of the law that are new for me. ADF continued to equip and support me after the Legal Academy ended. Within months after returning home, the ACLU launched a lawsuit challenging a decades old practice of a nearby community to open city council meetings with prayer.

“Despite having no personal experience with public invocations, ADF enabled me to become a resource for the town. By connecting with an ADF regional staff attorney and utilizing ADF research, practice tips, and model prayer policies, I was able to consult with the city attorney. As a result, the town adopted the ADF model policy, and I was instrumental in assisting the town secure a dismissal of the ACLU lawsuit.

“The ACLU continues to attack the borough, but now the city attorney is looking to me as a resource on religious liberty issues. With the expertise of ADF at my disposal, I now have the confidence to be that resource. Joining the ADF Attorney Network has given me confidence to know I can make a difference.”

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