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In the News: Volume II, Issue 3

"The irony here is that the city has been treating bars and taverns better than churches."

OneNewsNow.com • ADF Attorney David Cortman, defending Kingdom First Ministries from efforts byAtlanta officials to get rid of the church by rezoning its neighborhood

"We’re expressing our religion … we glorify God by the bells."

WorldNetDaily.com • Phoenix Bishop Rick Painter, who was sentenced to 10 days in jail and three years of probation because his church’s bells reportedly violated city noise ordinances – despite registering at a lower volume than local ice cream trucks

"The issue is bigger than a ‘personal relationship’ … in the end, the question is this: Which parent doesn’t matter – a mom or a dad?"

Baptist Press • ADF attorney Austin Nimocks, on the implications of same-sex parenting

"In a busy neighborhood full of sirens, heavy traffic, and loud motorcycles, these chimes are a sound of peace that do not exceed the noise level of an average conversation. Certainly, that should be at least as acceptable as the sound of an ice cream truck."

ABC 15 • ADF attorney Erik Stanley, discussing the Bishop Painter case

"This is simply … an example of one radical organization’s allergic reaction to anything involving God."

ChristianPost.com • ADF attorney Joel Oster, calling on a federal judge to dismiss a Freedom From Religion Foundation lawsuit that declares government proclamations like the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional

"The Alliance Defense Fund is currently slowing the same-sex marriage movement."

The State Press of Arizona State University

"For 166 years, pastors have spoken out … what are we afraid of now?"

Human Events • Ben Bull, in a debate over the civil rights of pastors at the National Press Club with Barry Lynn, head of Americans United for Separation of Church and State


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